Pol Mauri Carbonell

Pol Mauri Carbonell, born in Barcelona, is a Product & Furniture Designer based in London.


He achieved a First Class Honours Degree from Kingston University. There, he used his time to develop his passion for making things, as it is an intrinsic step of his design process.


His projects aim to fulfil everyday needs through strong research and simple aesthetics to create objects that become inviting to interaction and create emotional bonds.


A big area of his practice is Ceramics. Exploring the limits and exploiting the possibilities of processes such as Jigger-Jollying, Slip-Casting, Hand-Throwing and Glazing has helped him understand the broad potential clay offers as a material for design.


He currently works within the creative team at Established & Sons, where he helps develop inspiring products with leading designers from all around the world.

All work and photographs on this website are by Pol Mauri Carbonell unless stated otherwise. All designs are protected under the UK and EC rights of Unregistered Designs.